Harbin flower appreciation guide is launched

Updated : 2020-04-30

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin city administration department recently launched a flower appreciation guidebook, just in time to celebrate the glorious plants and trees that are now in full bloom across the capital of China’s Northernmost Heilongjiang province.

The flowers that can been seen at this time are forsythias, peach blossoms, mountain apricots, elm plums and lilacs.

Statistics from the Harbin city administration department shows that 48,541 forsythia trees, 78,545 mountain apricot trees and 8,953 peach trees have been planted in the city.

They are mainly distributed in Harbin’s parks and various streets.

Currently, forsythia and peach trees have fully bloomed and 80 percent of the apricot blossoms are also festooning the city.

Locals say that if the temperature in Harbin continues to pick up, elm plums and lilacs will soon enter their full bloom season.

The following parks and roads are being recommended by Harbin city administration department to best admire the flowers.

Daoli district
1.Yinyue Park: forsythias, elm plums, mountain apricots
2.Yuyang Park: forsythias, elm plums
3.Minsheng Park: forsythias, elm plums, mountain apricots
4.Jinhe Park: forsythias
5.Jiuzhan Park : forsythias
6.Guxiang Park : peach blossoms, forsythias, elm plums, mountain apricots
7.The Fifth Liqun Avenue : mountain apricots
8.The First Liqun Avenue : forsythias, elm plums
9.Jiuzhan Street: elm plums
10.Liushui Street: mountain apricots

Daowai district
1.Nanxun Street: peach blossoms
2.Hongqi Avenue: mountain apricots
3.Weixing Road, Liaohe Road and Dongzhi Road: forsythias
4.Changqing Park: mountain apricots, peach blossoms, lilacs
5.Jingyu Park: cherry blossoms, forsythias, lilacs
6. Taiping Park: mountain apricots, forsythias

Nangang district
1.Fudan Road: peach blossoms
2.Yuanshi Street: peach blossoms
3.Zhongshan Road and Xidazhi Street: elm plums

Xiangfang district
1.Dongshan Road: elm plums, peach blossoms
2.Changjiang Road: mountain apricots, forsythias, elm plums
3.Dongmen Street, Yanfu Street, Xiangshun Street, Haping Road and Hexing Road: mountain apricots
4.Sanhe Road: mountain apricots, forsythias, elm plums
5.Wenzheng Road: mountain apricots, elm plums

Pingfang district
1.Youxie Avenue: mountain apricots, elm plums
2.Xinjiang Avenue, Lianmeng Avenue and Haping West Road: mountain apricots
3.Shuangyong Road: forsythias, elm plums
4.Pingfang Park: forsythias, elm plums, mountain apricots, peach blossoms

Hulan district
1.Xigang Park and Daizhuang Park: elm plums