Recommended Harbin summer tour routes

Updated : 2020-08-03

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin, capital city of China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province – and famed as the ‘Ice City’ in winter – recently launched several travel routes for people to escape the heat, with temperatures averaging just 20 C in summer.

Local officials said Harbin is a popular destination due to its pleasant summer temperature, plentiful tourist attractions, high-quality tourism services and good feedback from visitors.

The recommended travel routes this summer have the themes of forest adventures, wetlands sightseeing and exploring lakes.

Forest adventure

Two to three days tour in Yabuli

Route: Guokui Mountains, Mayi River, Huangni River -- competition venue for the 2009 international winter sports event, the Winter Universiade (check) – the host site of Forest Music Festival—Shihai—Dengshanjing, Gaoshan Gangqin—Tianyin Lake, Lingzhi Lake and the Haohanpo Water Reservoir.
Yabuli Forest Park [Photo/dbw.cn]
Two-day tour in Jinlong Mountain

Route: Jinlong Mountain wild forest—Waming Stream, Yixiantan—Diaoshuihu geological wonder—Jiulong Mountain Moya stone carving—Wushuling mysterious cave—Songfeng Mountain Taixu Cave.

Two to three days tour in Fenghuang Mountain 

Route: Fenghuang Mountain primitive coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest—Sky Garden, Alpine Wetland—the largest canyon waterfalls in Heilongjiang—Longjiang Tianxian Canyon—UFO landing site (building shaped as a UFO)

Fenghuang Mountain [Photo/dbw.cn]
 Wetland sightseeing

One-day tour in Harbin Urban Wetland Park

Route: Harbin Qunli National Urban Wetland Park—Jinhe Park—Dingxiang Park—Music Theme Park

Two-day tour in Harbin Volga Manor

Route: Volga Manor’s lake wetland—Ashi River Wetland—Russia Theme Architectural Garden—Russian style performances.

Harbin Volga Manor [Photo/dbw.cn]
Lake exploration

Two-day tour in Erlong Mountain

Route: Erlong Mountain—rock climbing, bungee jumping,cosplay of Counter Strike—Wanfo Temple—Zhenzhu Island Film Base—Erlong Lake.