Recommended skiing destinations in Harbin

Updated : 2021-03-08

By ( e.my399.com )

Spring is quickly approaching across most of China, although the country’s northernmost Heilongjiang province is still in the depths of winter, which provides an outstanding opportunity for skiing.

The average snow period in Heilongjiang is nearly 120 days, and the longest period can reach 200 days.

Heilongjiang enjoys abundant snow and dry air in spring, making the snow powdery and extremely suitable for skiing.

Several ski resorts in Harbin, Heilongjiang province's capital city, are recommended as ideal skiing destinations.

No 1 Yabuli Sunshine Ski Resort

Yabuli Sunshine Ski Resort is located in the county-level city of Shangzhi in Harbin. It is the highest-grade 5S ski resort in China, and its main peak is 1,000 meters above sea level.

The ski resort has 17 ski runs of various grades, with a total length of 32 kilometers and a drop of 540 meters. The maximum slope is 45 degrees, and the minimum slope is 6 degrees, meeting different skiing needs.

The ski resort is expected to operate until early April.

No 2 The Yabuli Ski Resort affiliated to Heilongjiang Provincial Sport Bureau

This ski resort has a total ski run length of 60 kilometers and covers an area of 62 hectares. It boasts alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, freestyle aerials, biathlon, a U-shaped pool, a jumping platform and other facilities certified by the International Snow Federation. All of the resort’s facilities meet A-level competition standards.

With high-standard venues, the ski resort successively hosted the third Asian Winter Games, the 24th Winter Universiade, the Snowboard World Cup and other international events, as well as the four snow events of the National Winter Games.

The ski resort is expected to operate till the end of March or the beginning of April, and will be open to ski resort enthusiasts with season passes.
No 3 Maoer Mountain Ski Resort

The ski resort is located in the Maoer Mountain town of Shangzhi and covers about 2 million square meters. It is a modern comprehensive ski resort integrating teaching, scientific research, training, competition and tourism. It has hosted two major events and 16 minor events of the 24th World University Winter Games.

The ski resort is expected to operate until late March.

No 4 Harbin Huaji Ski Resort


Harbin Jihua Ski Resort is only 42 kilometers away from Harbin city. It is the closest 4S ski resort to Harbin, and it is also a high-level ski resort that combines mass tourism skiing and competitive skiing.

In addition to meeting the demands of ski enthusiasts, there are also colorful ice and snow entertainment activities suitable for family outings.

The ski resort is expected to operate until the end of February 2021.