Harbin Central Avenue dresses up for Spring Festival

Updated : 2022-01-28

By ( e.my399.com )

To showcase the splendid cultural heritage of the century-old Central Avenue, the city of Harbin – capital of China's northeast Heilongjiang province – has created eight special places that are well worth visiting for citizens and tourists during the upcoming Spring Festival.
Harbin Central Avenue
The management committee has put up 1,062 lanterns of various sizes on 177 light poles. In addition, fish-shaped toys have been hidden in 12 ice sculptures on Central Avenue. If people take photos with the nine different ice sculptures among them and share photos on WeChat moments – with the caption "Harbin blessing in century-old avenue" – they can go to the Xijiudao Street booth to receive a gift.
Western restaurants on Central Avenue
Eleven famous western restaurants on Central Avenue, including Modern Coffee & Restaurant and Tatoc, will offer discounts.
North gate of Youyi Road

Harbin has set up a mesmerizing door-shaped entrance with a myriad of illuminations there. Tens of thousands of lights are now hanging above the road, forming a 50-meter-long tunnel, to enthrall and entertain visitors.
An illuminated door-shaped entrance – decorated with the words "Go to the future together in 2022" and located at the north gate of Youyi Road – dazzles at night. [Photo/my399.com]
South gate entrance
A tiger-shaped ice sculpture has been installed there. People press the button on it and they will get New Year's wishes.
Anti-flood Square

The second Heilongjiang Ice and Snow Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival will be staged there. People can enjoy a history of intangible cultural heritage paper-cut exhibition and a Spring Festival light show there – as well as paper cutting made by champions of past Winter Olympic Games who were born in Heilongjiang and other intangible cultural heritage work.
Xisi Street, Xiwu Street

People can go there to see the cancan dance, classical ballet and violin performances from 6 pm to 8 pm on Feb 1-7.
Gate of Central Mall

A riddle-guessing contest will be held there on Feb 13-15. A total of 119 lanterns hanging with riddles will be set up and those who correctly guess the answers will receive gifts.