Best sites to admire lilac in Harbin

Updated : 2022-05-17

By ( e.my399.com )

People admire lilacs at the Lilac Park in Harbin. [Photo/MY399.COM]
Harbin recently launched a guidebook for admiring lilac as lilac trees across the city begin to bloom.
The tradition of planting lilacs, the city flower of Harbin, goes back 100 years. There are 35 types of lilac, with more than 20 present in Harbin. Most of them are either white or purple.
Harbin is currently home to 10 varieties of around 1.34 million lilac trees and bushes.
The lilac flowering period lasts about two months, from late April to June, and different varieties of lilac bloom at different times.
The best places to admire lilacs in Harbin include the Tianchi Lilac Park, Lilac Science and Technology Expo Garden and Lilac Park.
Other sites will include streets in Daoli, Daowai and Xiangfang districts. The recommended routes are as follows:

Light purple lilacs are in full bloom at the Starlin Park. [Photo/MY399.COM]
Daoli district
Zhaolin Street—Zhaopin Park—Starlin Park—Jiuzhan Park—Guxiang Park—Shangjiang Street——Harbin Music Park—Lilac Park
Daowai district
The Flood Control Corridor—Jiangpan Park—Jingyu Park—Nantong Avenue—Harbin Culture Park—Dongzhi Road—Hongwei Road—Guli Park
Xiangfang district
Zhongshan Road—Gongbin Road—Shangzhi Park—Sanhe Road—Yuanda Ecology Park—Daixiu Lake Park—Heilongjiang Provincial Botanical Garden