Heilongjiang offers an escape from the summer heat, in style

Updated : 2019-07-02

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4.Charming Harbin summer

Harbin, as the capital city of Heilongjiang province, has rich tourism resources that range from Russian architectural styles to splendid wetlands, mountains and river scenery. It also boasts well-preserved cultural relics and Siberian tigers. This year’s charming Harbin summer event -- with more than 100 activities in such categories as culture, sports, fashion and music -- is being held.

Recommended sites:

Harbin Central Avenue

Central Avenue was first constructed in 1898, and later became a bustling commercial street. Starting at Flood Control Memorial Tower near the Songhua River in the north -- and running 1,450 meters to Jingwei Street to the south -- the road boasts 71 European-style buildings, as well as 13 baroque, eclectic and modern buildings. Structures along Central Avenue cover four influential schools in the history of Western architecture and showcase the cultural development of Europe over the past 300 years. Strolling down Central Avenue, visitors easily getting the feeling of being in a different land, with a street that pays homage to so many different cultures and styles.

Sun Island scenic area

Sun Island scenic area is located on the north bank of the Songhua River, which is surrounded by swamps. It is the only wetlands scenic area located in the center of a city, covering an area of 38 square kilometers. 

It has been designated a National Scenic Area, a 5A scenic spot and a State water recreation destination. It also won the China Habitat Environment Award and was named by the Council of the United Nations as a Model United Nations FOUN Ecological Island.

Its unique natural beauty and romantic northern European style are well known. The newly-constructed Yu Zhixue Museum – as well as its Russian art galleries, North China Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Art Sun Island, Harbin Ice and Snow Culture Exhibition and Sun Island Russian painting art exchange base for visitors -- showcases the cultural charms of the city. During the hot summers, Sun Island Snow Museum of Art can help visitors enjoy the magic of ice and snow. In summer, the region has lush green grass and forests, blooming flowers and migrating birds - providing feeding and breeding areas.


A rich variety of architectural styles is in evidence along Harbin Central Avenue [Photo/dbw.cn]

5 Polar Village Sightseeing

Heilongjiang is the northernmost province of China and borders the Siberian region of Russia. Mohe city in Heilongjiang features the polar day as well as polar nights, the mysterious Northern Lights, as can offer visitors as cool summer because of its high latitude. It has an average temperature of -5 C year-round and is a must-visit destination for avoiding the summer heat.


Each night tourists can marvel at Mohe city’s starry sky. [Photo/VCG]


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Green corridors on Sun Island ready for use

Harbin’s locals will soon have access to more glorious walking and riding routes along Sun Island and the banks of the Songhua River -- as the first phase of the Harbin green corridor system project undergoes construction.