Enjoy hot spring in Harbin city  

Updated : 2022-06-24

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For people looking to escape the summer heat, hot spring resorts in Harbin, capital city of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province, are an excellent choice.
The following four hot spring resorts are recommended:
Yingjie Hot Spring
The water of the Yingjie Hot Spring is 52°C, with high fluorine content. It is a calcium carbonate spring and has certain health benefits.
Address: Yingjie Scenic Area, Acheng district, Binxian county, Harbin
Maple Town Hot Spring Resort

The Maple Town Hot Spring Resort has dozens of hot springs offering unique services and experiences. It is also home to the Icelandic Blue Lake Hot Spring, one of the top ten geological wonders of the world, boasting a large lake-type hot spring.
Address: No 5555 Zhigu Third Street, Songbei district, Harbin
Yabuli Forest Hot Spring Hotel
The Yabuli Forest Hot Spring is located in the Yabuli Tourist Resort and is divided into two areas – an indoor hall and an outdoor hot spring – with a total of 42 large and small soup pools.

Hot springs in the indoor hall have a tropical garden theme and combine the resources of Chinese herbal medicines abundant in the local mountainous areas to create more than 20 kinds of unique local medicated hot springs such as ginseng spring, ganoderma spring, astragalus spring and schisandra spring.
Meili Island Hot Spring Water Park
The Meili Island Hot Spring Water Park covers an area of 135,000 square meters and is themed on Russian culture.
The water there is rich in various trace elements such as boric acid, metasilicic acid, bromide, sodium chloride and fluorine, which offer various health benefits.
The newly-upgraded special bubble pool has added a variety of precious Chinese herbal medicine baths, as well as fruit baths, flower baths and essential oils, to meet the various needs of tourists.
Address: West of the Acheng section of the Harbin-Acheng Road in Acheng district, Harbin
Travel tips:

Harbin's indoor and outdoor scenic spots have reopened with strict COVID-19 control measures.
To visit Harbin's scenic spots, tourists must have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours and meet the requirements of the health and itinerary codes.
The number of tourists in indoor closed places will not exceed 50 percent of total capacity, and the number of tourists in outdoor places will not exceed 75 percent of total capacity.