It's hot up north as Heilongjiang tourism booms  

Updated : 2022-09-07

By ( Xinhua )

In suburban Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province, sunset falls on a red and white Russian-style building near a gently flowing river, as tourists get busy taking pictures, Xinhua reported.
Volga Manor, a Russian-themed cultural park, has received an upturn in tourists this summer, drawn by its collection of art, majestic buildings, and picturesque landscapes.
The number of visitors has increased by about 10 percent from the same period last year, with the number of single-day visitors over the weekend exceeding 1,000, according to Wei Minfang, general manager of Harbin Volga Manor Cultural Tourism Company.
Wei said that while most drove to the park, the purpose of trips varied, as the park attracts cyclists, campers, and also enthusiasts looking to sail on the Ashi River.
With its cool climate and distinctive landscape, China's northernmost province is experiencing a boom with tourists coming from all over the country to enjoy its summer attractions.
In July, travel orders in Heilongjiang province increased by 65 percent over June, making the province a popular summer destination, according to the country's main online travel agency, the Trip.com Group.
In early August, the Harbin International Beer Festival was held on Sun Island. With a large central canopy and dazzling tents, the festival offered a variety of after-dark activities including music, foreign cultural shows, family nights, and camping.
"I really enjoyed this festival, especially the barbecues and the musical performances. I was really impressed by the passion of the people here," said Sun Chenshu, a tourist who traveled some 2,000 kilometers to attend the event. "I will definitely come back next year."
On opening day, all 3,500 seats at the main venue were sold in just an hour, according to Liu Bing, head of the marketing department of the Sun Island Scenic Area Asset Management Company.
With its local COVID-19 situation under control, Harbin has organized a series of activities such as music festivals and night tours on the Songhua River, said Jiang Zhaosheng, an official with the Harbin Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau.
"The summer tours, like our winter attractions, showcase the colorful charm of the city," Jiang added.
Recently, the occupancy rate for two five-star hotels in Harbin reached 85 percent and three four-star hotels on Central Street, one of the city's main tourist attractions, hit around 80 percent. The overall occupancy rate at star-rated hotels is significantly higher than for the same period last year, data from the bureau showed.
This summer, scenic areas in Heilongjiang have organized activities that make the most of their distinctive offerings, ranging from camping and self-driving tours to wetland hiking.