Metro line sections to be connected by March 2019

Updated : 2018-05-28

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The different sections of Harbin’s Metro Line 2 will be connected together by March 2019, according to information released by Harbin Metro Group.

The planned Metro Line 2 starts from Songbei Daxuecheng Station, and ends at Qixiangtai Station in Xiangfang district, passing through the Hulan, Songbei, Nangang, and Xiangfang districts of the city.

A total of 19 stations will eventually line the 28.6-kilometer metro line.

The new route is to play an important role in connecting key points stretching along a north-southeast corridor of the city.

The final section of the line to be completed is expected to be between Nanzhi Road and Northeast Agricultural University.

At present, 13 of the 19 metro stations on the route have been completed, with the whole line expected to be ready to commence trial operations by the end of 2020.