• Agriculture


    Harbin has solid agricultural foundations. It is one of the nation’s most important commodity grain bases and serves as the country’s major producing area for rice, soybean, corn and other crops. husbandry reached 40.9 billion yuan.

  • Industrial Structure


    In recent years, Harbin has strived to adjust its industrial structure. In 2011, Harbin’s primary, secondary and tertiary industries achieved revenues of 44.72 billion yuan.

  • Financial Revenue and Expenditure


    Harbin’s local financial strength has continued to grow with the development of its economy. At the end of 2011, the general budgetary revenue of Harbin reached 30.03 billion yuan ($4.84 billion).

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Volunteers provide first aid training in Nangang

Harbin Red Cross organized a medical and health volunteer team to provide free medical services for residents in Nangang district.