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Heilongjiang issues first ‘green card’ for Turkish professor

Updated : 2018-11-20

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Permanent residence permit for foreigners

Permanent residence permit for foreigners, or China’s “green card”, contains the recipient's photo, name, nationality, identity card number, the period of validity, and other related information. 

This certificate is the cardholder's identity certificate for residence in China. It can be used separately as identity certificate when dealing with finance, education, medical treatment, transportation, accommodation, communication, work, tax and social insurance, property registration and litigation, and other working and living affairs.
Application requirements

Foreign nationals who wish to apply for permanent residence in China should comply with Chinese law, be healthy and have no criminal record. They must also satisfy at least one of the conditions below:

・ To have invested a minimum of $500,000 in a Chinese business in the three years prior to their application. They must guarantee a good financial record.

・ They must hold the post of deputy general manager, deputy director or higher at a business, or hold the post of associate professor or associate research fellow or similar for more than four consecutive years. The accumulated duration of their stay should be no less than three years, and they must have a sound taxation record in China.

・Applicants should have made an outstanding contribution, or are of special importance, to China.

・An applicant must have been married to a Chinese citizen for at least five years, or have been married for five years to a foreign national who already holds permanent residence. They must have lived in the country for nine months or longer every year for the preceding five years, and can guarantee a steady income and place of permanent residence.

・Children age 18 or younger who arrive to live with their parents are eligible to apply.

・Applicants age 60 or older are allowed to live with blood relatives residing in China. In addition, they must have lived in China for five successive years and the duration of their stay must be no shorter than nine months every year. They must guarantee that they have a steady income.
Permit duration

Permanent residence permits for people age 18 or younger are valid for five years. Permits for people older than 18 are valid for 10 years.

People who are granted permanent residence must live in China for no less than three months every year. If they cannot meet the requirement, the accumulated duration of their stay should be no less than one year within a five-year period, at the discretion of local public security departments.