• Volga Manor


    Volga Manor is located 16 miles from Hacheng Road, Ashi River Bank Chenggaozi county, Xiangfang district, Harbin.

  • St. Sophia Church


    St. Sophia Church was built by the Fourth Infantry Division of the Tsarist Russia East Siberia Army.

  • Harbin International Sister Cities Museum


    Harbin International Sister Cities Museum was opened in January, 2009.

  • Harbin's Volga Manor in winter


    The city of Harbin is the star of the season with the kickoff of its annual Ice and Snow Festival.

  • Zhongyang Street


    The road, paved with 999,999 square stone blocks, witness the assumption and step-out in the history of city.

  • The Central Avenue


    The Central Avenue in Harbin, has been the city's most prosperous commercial hub for over one hundred years.

Daowai residents receive free medical services

Women from Shengping Residential Community in Daowai district receive free medical consultations on March 13.