• Volga Manor


    Volga Manor is located 16 miles from Hacheng Road, Ashi River Bank Chenggaozi county, Xiangfang district, Harbin.

  • St. Sophia Church


    St. Sophia Church was built by the Fourth Infantry Division of the Tsarist Russia East Siberia Army.

  • Harbin International Sister Cities Museum


    Harbin International Sister Cities Museum was opened in January, 2009.

  • Harbin's Volga Manor in winter


    The city of Harbin is the star of the season with the kickoff of its annual Ice and Snow Festival.

  • Zhongyang Street


    The road, paved with 999,999 square stone blocks, witness the assumption and step-out in the history of city.

  • The Central Avenue


    The Central Avenue in Harbin, has been the city's most prosperous commercial hub for over one hundred years.

Harbin strengthens internet security promotion

A week-long event targeting at improving the public’s awareness of internet security was unveiled in Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang province.