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  • Angry Birds join Finland's envoy at opening for Harbin ice fest


    Being a wingless bird with a tuxedo doesn't automatically make you a penguin, but the whole cast of Angry Birds was in the frigid city of Harbin last.

  • Northeast to benefit from new high-speed rail link


    A new high-speed railway linking China's major northeastern cities of Harbin and Dalian will begin operation on Saturday.

  • New train bears down on cold challenge


    With temperatures below freezing and snow falling the length of the route, China's first high-speed rail line that runs a long distance through regions with extremely low temperatures started service on Saturday.

  • NE China theme park to carve world of ice, snow


    A theme park in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province started to collect ice and snow on Sunday for the creation of ice and snow sculptures.

  • Ice on the way


    Workers drag a big chunk of ice out of the Songhua River on Saturday in preparation for the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in the capital of Northeast China's Heilongjiang province.

  • Sino-Russian stable relations


    I would like to evaluate the relations between Russia and China in 2012 in the context of the last 10 years and their projection into the future, as well as looking at them through the prism of global problems.

  • An icy blast


    While birds fly south for the winter, people in China head north to see one of the country's most spectacular sights - the ice sculptures of Harbin.

  • Ice without borders


    Making art from frozen water takes both determination and creativity. Zhou Huiying follows sculptors from seven countries around Harbin's annual winter festival.

University in Harbin innovates with courses for the elderly

A new course teaching senior citizens Karaoke singing is proving to be a hit at the Songshan Campus of Harbin University for the Aged.