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Wuchang rice granted EU global indication protection

Updated : 2020-09-21

By ( e.my399.com )

Rice produced in Wuchang city – administered by Harbin in China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province – was recently included on the list of China's 100 geographical indications under protection in the European Union.

The Council of the European Union recently authorized the signing of the EU-China agreement on geographical indications, or GIs.

A GI is a distinctive sign used on products those have a specific geographic origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are specifically due to that origin.

According to the council's official website, this significant bilateral trade agreement ensures that 100 EU agri-food GIs will be protected on the Chinese market. "Likewise, 100 Chinese products will be protected in the EU, thereby ensuring mutual respect for the best of both agricultural traditions," the website said.

Wuchang is renowned for its top-quality rice, as a result of the area’s fertile soil, abundant sunshine and rich water resources, as well as the expert cultivation techniques of local farmers.

Wuchang rice is famous for its distinctive aroma and is considered one of China's best grains.

In 2020, the List for Chinese Brands Value Evaluation revealed that Wuchang Rice ranked first among China’s rice brands, with a brand value of 69.86 billion yuan ($10.34 billion). It was the fourth consecutive year that Wuchang Rice claimed top spot on the list.

The EU’s inclusion of Wuchang rice from Harbin shows that local products in the city have won increasing recognition in both the domestic and international market.