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Harbin economic zone supports industrial chain development

Updated : 2020-09-08

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin Economic and Development Zone recently issued measures for the innovative development of the industrial chain, offering rewards to enterprises and individuals who contribute to the zone’s industrial chain construction and business promotion or introduce support facilities.

For enterprises whose annual output value exceeds 10 billion yuan ($1.46 billion), 5 billion yuan, 3 billion yuan and 1 billion yuan for the first time, they will be given one-time rewards of up to 2 million yuan, 1 million yuan, 500,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan, respectively. The year 2019 will be used as a base for all output value calculations.

The zone will also support the development of the headquarters economy.

For recognized headquarters economy enterprises whose operating income included in the zone’s statistical calculations exceeds 10 billion yuan, they will be rewarded at 80 percent of the newly added contribution to the zone’s economic development for three consecutive years.

For newly settled headquarters economy enterprises in the zone, rewards will be given at 100 percent, 80 percent and 60 percent of their contribution to local economic development for three consecutive years.

The zone also supports the procurement of upstream and downstream products in the industrial chain area. For enterprises that purchase products or services from other companies within the jurisdiction of Harbin Economic and Development Zone for use in production, they will receive a maximum reward of 5 million yuan.

Meanwhile, the development zone will provide industry chain financial rewards to encourage funds, banks and guarantee companies to participate in industry chain financial services, and solve temporary funding difficulties for industry chain supporting enterprises.

The zone also encourages enterprises to develop dual-use technologies for military and civilian use. Such products will be eligible for grants to cover 50 percent of the qualification certification fees, up to a maximum of 100,000 yuan per item.