• Songfeng Mountain Scenic Area


    Songfeng Mountain Scenic Area is a provincial forest protection area, about 85 kilometers away from downtown Harbin.

  • Korean “Ballad Stage”


    The “Ballad Stage” started in the late 1990s and is a public singing competition popular with Korean people in Harbin. It aims to find musically talented Korean people in Harbin. The event has become an important part of Korean culture.

  • Harbin Chorus Festival


    This festival has been held every two years since 1995 and has become a big event with 368 participating teams.

  • Harbin Opera Theater


    The Harbin Opera Theater, previously known as the Harbin Song and Dance Drama Theater, was established in 1959. It has opera and dance troupes, folk and light music orchestras.

  • Harbin Grand Theater


    Harbin Grand Theater sits inside Harbin Cultural Island in Songbei district. It is currently under construction. It will have one of the top designs and functions nationwide.

  • Yilan Museum


    Built in 1999 and redecorated in 2009, Yilan Museum covers an area of 10,000 sq m and has a construction area of 1,600 sq m.

  • Harbin Yushun Art Museum


    The Yushun Culture and Art Research Institute was established by the famous artist Lu Yushun. The institute is registered in Heilongjiang province’s civic affairs department.

Airlines slash Harbin-Mohe fares

Tourists flying from Harbin to China’s northernmost Mohe city are now enjoying much cheaper prices and better services.