• 6-day NE China tour route


    Being the famous "Ice City" in northeastern China, Harbin attracts visitors with its Ice and Snow Festival, a happy carnival providing visitors a wonderland of ice and snow. The festival is held annually on Jan.5 and lasts for one month.

  • Can foreign students apply for discount in the entry ticket?


    Sudents who can present an effective student ID of your university/college in China can get discount in the entry ticket.

  • 4-day Harbin Ice & Snow Festival Ski Tour


    4 days Harbin essence tour package brings you to see International Snow Sculpture Expo, St. Sophia Church, Central Street, Ice and Snow World for a full experience of the ice and snow fairyland.

  • 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour


    The top Harbin snow ice festival tour covers Harbin highlights like Sun Island, St. Sofia Church, Central Street, Ice and Snow World, Siberian Tiger forest parks, more tourist sites of history and culture in China.

  • 2-day Harbin Ice City Relax Tour


    2 days short China city winter break in ice city Harbin to view a wonderland of ice and snow lanterns & sculptures where you have a variety of fun things to do and see at St. Sophia Church, Central Street, Ice and Snow World, Sun Island, Siberian Tiger Pa

  • 1-day Private Tour for Ice & Snow World


    One day trip to view the ice and snow festival parks of Harbin China such as Saint Sophia Cathedral Church, Central Street, Sun Island, Harbin Polarland, Ice and Snow World, Ice Activities.

  • Five City Sites Culture Festival


    The tourism and culture festival, which is named after a historical relic in Heilongjiang province (Five City Sites), also features a rafting festival in Yilan county in the province’s capital, Harbin.

  • The Jin Dynasty Origin Cultural Tour


    The Jin Dynasty (1115-1234) Origin Cultural Tour is Harbin's flagship tourism product in the 21st century. Taking Acheng as the starting point before heading to Yilan and Mulan counties, the tour explores the origins of Jin Dynasty culture.

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Harbin launches buses to serve night passengers

Harbin recently launched two new buses to serve passengers traveling between the city’s four railway stations, in an attempt to ease the difficulties of passengers traveling at night by bus.