Travel routes to best admire Harbin’s autumnal scenery

Updated : 2019-09-19

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

With the upcoming seven-day National Day holidays, it’s a great time to catch a breathtaking glimpse of Harbin's transition to new, rich, scenery. 

Several travel routes to best appreciate the fall landscape in Harbin’s scenic areas have been launched by the Harbin Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau.

Route 1: Yabuli Hufengling -- Yabuli Giant Panda Pavilion

Located in the Hufeng Forest Farm in Yabuli town in Shangzhi city, Hufengling scenic area features Dingxiang Mountain, Tiger Spring, Ji Forest and the stone cliff on Pinshi Mountain.

Yabuli Giant Panda Pavilion is the northernmost facility of its kind in China. It’s the home of giant pandas Youyou and Sijia and more than 20 species of wild animals such as alpacas, brown bears and sika deer.

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