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Harbin business promotion and economic cooperation event held in Russia

Updated : 2023-07-11

By ( e.my399.com )

During the 7th China-Russia Expo, a Harbin business promotion and economic cooperation event was held in Yekaterinburg, Russia on July 10.
The event featured a promotional video showcasing the city of Harbin. More than 150 representatives from the Russian and Belarusian local governments, chambers of commerce, enterprises, and some Chinese representatives attended.
A signing ceremony for cooperation projects was held after the event, and participating enterprises had face-to-face discussions.
Zhang Qixiang, on behalf of the Harbin municipal government and the people of Harbin, expressed his gratitude to friends from all walks of life who have long supported friendly cooperation. He stated that as a central city for China-Russia cooperation, Harbin has unique comparative advantages and basic conditions for conducting cooperation with Russia.
He hoped the attendees would gain a comprehensive understanding of Harbin's open geographical advantages, unique cultural characteristics, exquisite music and art, and urban scenery at this event.
He also hoped they would get to experience and enjoy the remarkable achievements of Harbin’s high-quality development in recent years, and share the development opportunities of Harbin's opening-up, investment attraction, and project cooperation.
Gorodetsky, deputy chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee of Belarus, expressed his gratitude during his speech for being invited to the event.
He said the Brest Region is located in the western part of Belarus and is strategically positioned along the Belt and Road route. The region offers numerous investment opportunities.
He expressed his hope to further strengthen communication and exchanges between Harbin and Brest, while also promoting mutual development, and achieving more fruitful results.
Alexandrine, the deputy minister of International and Foreign Economic Relations of Smolensk Oblast in Russia, addressed the audience, stating that Harbin is one of the most important partners of his oblast. The two sides have a long history of cooperation, he said.
He sincerely invited Chinese enterprises, especially logistics companies, to develop in the oblast. The oblast will assist them in finding the best local partners and promote mutual development in different fields, he promised.