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Official website of 2025 Asian Winter Games goes live

Updated : 2024-04-03

By ( e.my399.com )

The official website for the 9th Asian Winter Games (Harbin) goes live. [Photo/harbin2025.com]
Harbin, the host city of the 9th Asian Winter Games, has announced that the official website for the 2025 event has recently gone live.
The official website of the Asian Winter Games, which is offered in both Chinese and English, integrates event information and services.
By visiting the website, netizens can access relevant information about the preparations for the 9th Asian Winter Games.
Currently, the Asian Winter Games official website mainly includes sections such as "News", "Videos", "Photos", “Culture”, and “Charm Harbin”.
Of which, the “News” section focuses on the latest updates regarding the quality, efficiency, standards, and safety of key preparation tasks, crucial processes, and important milestones.
Under the "Charm Harbin" section, visitors can learn about the city's landscapes, culinary delights, arts, sports, as well as the various efforts made by Harbin to promote the spirit of the games.
Additionally, it showcases Harbin's efforts to bolster the popularity of ice and snow tourism, strengthen its digital, creative, and cultural capabilities, and accelerate the development of its distinctive cultural and creative products.
Moreover, the Asian Winter Games official website has a dedicated section called "Asian Winter Games Encyclopedia", where users can retrieve information about the venues, events, and medal standings of past editions.

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