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Harbin to improve housing services for residents

Updated : 2022-03-10

By ( e.my399.com )

The city of Harbin in China's northernmost Heilongjiang province will take measures to tackle existing housing problems to better serve residents.
According to the plan, Harbin will issue rental subsidies to 45,000 households and introduce 10,000 affordable rental housing units this year.
The rental subsidies are targeted at middle and low-income households in Harbin, and affordable rental housing is targeted at migrant workers and newly-employed people who don’t have a house in the city.
In addition, Harbin will fully implement a new public rental housing interior management model. Under the model, the government will standardize basic interiors, and renters can renovate their houses according to their own preferences and participate in and assume the responsibility for future management and protection.
A one-time renovation subsidy will be issued to renters.
The model is expected to speed up renovations and raise the satisfaction of renters.