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Harbin enterprise approved as national high-end equipment manufacturing standardization pilot

Updated : 2023-10-18

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin Hafei Industry Co Ltd recently passed the assessment of the national high-end equipment manufacturing standardization pilot project.
As the largest and most professional domestic manufacturer of high-speed wire rod and bar rolling mills and their spare parts, the Harbin company leads the industry with precision and professionalism.
In early 2018, the company's metallurgical equipment unit received approval to build a national high-end equipment manufacturing standardization pilot factory, the first of its kind in Heilongjiang province.
Since the launch of the project, the company has achieved impressive results by emphasizing a structured approach.
This includes creating operational mechanisms, designing work plans, setting clear work objectives, establishing and perfecting a standardized system, promoting the effective implementation of such standards, conducting standardization training, and reinforcing related services.
The company has established a standardized system for high-speed wire rod and bar production lines. The system envelops technical systems, management systems, and work systems. It involves more than 500 standards, giving the Harbin firm the lead in formulating such standards at the provincial level.
During the pilot phase, the Harbin company is organizing a slew of technological innovation activities. It has already completed the technology innovation work for 61 projects in the field of metallurgical equipment.
The company has also procured 11 patent applications and published 20 scientific articles in national-level journals.
A total of 50 scientific research outcomes have been converted into technical standards, thus significantly elevating the standardization rate of technological achievements and product R&D capabilities.

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