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Harbin Corn Industry Expo sets schedule

Updated : 2023-10-30

By ( e.my399.com )

From Nov 4 to 5, the Harbin Corn Industry Expo 2023 is ready to welcome the world into the heart of China's vast grain basket.
The expo boasts an impressive lineup with over 500 stalls from more than 300 domestic and international brand enterprises.
Close to 10,000 products are poised to be exhibited, covering a broad spectrum that includes deep corn processing, smart agriculture, feed processing, and corn seeds.
The expo aims to provide a platform for brand presentation, industry exchanges, and new product promotions, fostering collaborations, trend interpretations, and market expansion.
Centered around hot topics like industry innovation, technological breakthroughs, and economic trade matchmaking, the expo plans to host several industry events.
Among these are the High-Quality Development Forum for Corn Industry, the Fresh Corn Industry Chain Development Forum, and the Feed and Breeding Industry Forum.

Harbin Marathon proven a success

The 2023 Harbin Marathon was held with great enthusiasm on Aug 27.