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Harbin technology institute hosts 9th group wedding  

Updated : 2024-07-02

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

A group wedding is held at the Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, on June 2. [Photo provided to CHINA DAILY]
Several days after their wedding, Liu Runze blissfully recalled the moment when he and his bride, Fang Xin, walked hand in hand into the wedding hall, with their friends, family members and teachers looking on happily.
Their venue was not a traditional one. The couple chose to participate in the ninth group wedding held for doctoral students at the Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, along with 81 other couples on June 2.
"It is really unbelievable that my wife and I met at HIT, fell in love at HIT and got married at HIT," said Liu, a 29-year-old doctoral student at the institute's School of Management. "We registered our marriage in October, but we decided to wait for the group wedding."
Their families supported their decision. "Both our parents witnessed our happy moment on campus," said Liu. "I will graduate at the end of June, and the wedding ceremony was the most special graduation gift I could have received."
At the ceremony, each couple received gifts from the institute, including custom-made diamonds, golden plates and ties.
The diamonds, named "Sincerity", were independently developed by the School of Astronautics' infrared thin film and crystal team.
The diamonds were created using a process known as microwave chemical vapor deposition. This method uses cutting-edge technological equipment to grow high-quality diamond crystals efficiently.
The process has won several awards, including the China Patent Gold Award and the Heilongjiang Province Patent Gold Award.
The diamonds' toughness and chemical stability are meant to symbolize the newlyweds' enduring love for each other.
"This diamond carries the unique sentiments of HIT," Professor Zhu Jiaqi, head of the team, said at the wedding ceremony. "It not only serves as a witness to your deep affection for each other, but also as a recognition of your knowledge and skills, as well as our strong wishes and expectations for all the students. "I also hope you can overcome difficulties, forge ahead courageously and join hands with determination to write a splendid life story with youthful vigor in the future," he added.
Chen Rui, vice-president of the institute, encouraged the newlyweds to carry forward the fine tradition of HIT, integrating their ideals and family values into the cause of national prosperity and rejuvenation.
"I hope that you will always cherish the original intention of love and, with the belief of weathering storms together, embark on a more happy and fulfilling life," she said.

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