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Harbin New Zone simplifies administrative approval procedures

Updated : 2021-10-21

By ( e.my399.com )

A view of the Jiangbei integrated development zone in Harbin New Zone [Photo/dbw.cn]
The Jiangbei integrated development zone in Harbin New Zone recently simplified the procedures for several administrative approval service items.
According to local authorities, a total of 81 project intermediary services have been standardized, such as environmental impact assessments for construction projects and certifications for the installation of sewage outlets in rivers.
Applicants may now handle these matters themselves according to requirements or entrust relevant agencies to handle them.
The examination and approval department will not require applicants to entrust specific intermediary agencies to provide services in any form.
Meanwhile, nine intermediary service items have been canceled and applicants are no longer required to submit documents.
These service items include certificates of training for special operations personnel, certificates of fixed assets of safety evaluation agencies, certificates of fixed assets of safety production inspection agencies, certificate of audit reports of law firm name changes, certificates of audit reports of law firm charter changes, and certificates of inspection personnel and health management personnel.
They also include production personnel training certificates, compilation of special articles on the design of occupational disease protection facilities for construction projects, fixed assets certification of B-level occupational health technical service institutions, opinions on the verification form of mining rights application scope, and fishing vessel drawing designs.
Additionally, special equipment inspections and testing personnel and special equipment operator examinations no longer require applicants to submit documents.
Instead, examination and approval departments have entrusted relevant agencies to provide technical services.