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Harbin issues measures for manufacturing innovation centers

Updated : 2023-01-31

By ( e.my399.com )

The Harbin bureau of industry and information technology recently issued management measures for the construction of manufacturing innovation centers.
The measures further regulate the construction, identification and management of manufacturing innovation centers within Harbin. This will improve industrial technology innovation systems and accelerate the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.
The measures stipulate that an innovation center needs to be a collaborative innovation platform for industry, academia and research that operates as an independent corporate legal person by a voluntary combination of enterprises, colleges and universities, and industry alliances.
A municipal-level manufacturing innovation center will focus on the research and development of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and key common technologies. It will promote the transfer and diffusion of technological achievements and commercialization, and provide technical services for industries and enterprises.
A center will carry out R&D of new products, new technologies, new processes, new materials, and new equipment. It will also provide enterprises in the industry with entrusted public technologies services, such as test verification and technical consultations.
Its other responsibilities will include carrying out industrial development research, as well as evaluating major technological innovation projects.
A declared manufacturing innovation center needs to be led by an influential "backbone" enterprise, or university institute connected to the industry, in order to form a new independent corporate legal person.
It is necessary to set up an expert committee to study key common technical issues in the development of the industry and determine the key R&D directions of the center.
A center also needs to have good technological innovation capabilities, including a stable R&D team and management team, complete R&D site facilities and funding guarantees that can meet R&D needs.