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Harbin to implement 10 projects in 2023

Updated : 2023-04-18

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin, the capital city of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province, will invest 11.4 billion yuan ($1.64 billion) into constructing 10 projects throughout the year, according to information from the Harbin city construction high-quality development conference.
The to-be-constructed projects are as follows:
The third ring expressway in the east: An expressway system connecting Beimen Street to the Ha'a Flyover will be constructed, with a total length of 12.2 kilometers. It is expected to easily reach the south bank and the north bank of the Songhua River in the city's eastern part.
The Harbin Central Avenue improvement project: Planning adjustments around Harbin Central Avenue will be implemented, along with optimized roads, landscape facility maintenance and upgrading, improved lighting, the renovation of damaged buildings, and the construction of smart blocks.
The second airport channel project: The Yingbin expressway system, with a total length of 20.44 km, will be constructed. This project will further strengthen the multi-channel traffic connection between the airport and the city's urban area, as well as meet the development needs of the Harbin international aviation hub.
Gas pipeline renewal and renovation project: 220 km of pipeline networks will be renovated, and indoor gas facilities will be installed in 660,000 households, to improve the gas safety index.
The second phase of Metro Line 3: A metro line with a total length of 32.18 km will be constructed.
Hejiagou River Basin rain and sewage diversion and Qunlixi sewage treatment plant projects: 28 km of pipelines will be upgraded; the Qunlixi sewage treatment plant, with a daily waste water processing capacity of 100,000 metric tons, will be put into operation in June; and the sewage discharge and waterlogging problems in the Hejiagou River Basin will be solved.
Renovation of old residential communities: 155 renovation projects will be implemented, which are expected to cover an area of 10.05 million square meters, which will effectively improve residents' living conditions.
Upward movement of the Songhua River water sources: water intakes, water purification plants, and 30 kilometers of supporting water pipelines will be built. They are designed to increase water supply capacity by 100,000 tons per day and ensure urban drinking water safety.
The third phase of the Chinese Baroque Block project: 80 courtyards and 207 characteristic buildings will be renovated, covering an area of 186,000 sq m.
Demonstration street and construction project: The renewal and upgrading of 10 key streets will be implemented, including improving facilities, solving road unevenness, and improving the travel environment.