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Harbin eases parking difficulties with new measures

Updated : 2023-05-12

By ( e.my399.com )

Newly-added parking lots pave convenience for Harbin residents. [Photo/Ice City Plus]
Harbin, the capital city of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province, is taking decisive steps to address the persistent parking difficulties faced by its residents. The city has announced plans to establish a total of 14,000 parking lots this year, aiming to alleviate congestion and enhance traffic management.
The ambitious plan involves the construction of 6,600 new parking lots, strategically located in high-traffic areas such as commercial blocks, scenic spots, and markets in the Songbei and Xiangfang districts. These districts are known for their bustling activity and the resulting challenges in finding parking spaces.
Moreover, approximately 7,900 existing parking lots in the Qunli New Area and major thoroughfares like Wenchang Street, Zhongshan Road, and Xinyang Road are scheduled to undergo renovations. This move aims to address issues caused by damaged or faded markings, which have contributed to parking confusion and disorder.

Parking lots on the street with damaged or unclear markings are being re-drawn. [Photo/Ice City Plus]
Recognizing the need for additional parking options during the evening hours, Harbin's traffic control department has designated three new night time-limited parking sections. Notably, Sifangtai Avenue and Wenxing Street will now permit vehicles to be parked from 19:00 until 7:00 the following morning. These new sections are projected to accommodate over 200 vehicles, effectively mitigating the parking demands during this timeframe.
At present, the city has successfully established 63-night time-limited parking areas. Among these,  16 areas permit parking on weekends and holidays, further addressing the parking needs of residents and visitors during peak periods.

The recent addition of street parking lots offers a convenient solution for the residents of Harbin. [Photo/Ice City Plus]