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Harbin exhibition area ready to dazzle at international economic and trade fair

Updated : 2024-05-15

By ( e.my399.com )

The Harbin exhibition area at the 33rd Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair. [Photo/Harbin News Network]
As the 33rd Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair approaches, the exhibition setup at the Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center has been completed.
The Harbin-themed pavilion is located in Hall A's main passageway, covering an area of 576 square meters.
It features areas with themes such as "Technological innovation leads comprehensive industrial vitalization, developing new quality productive forces adapted to local conditions, creating new growth points in ice and snow economy, and promoting specialized culture and tourism" — and a main stage.
The exhibits showcase the most important industries and enterprises in Harbin. The overall design seamlessly blends the urban impression of the "Ice City" with elements of the "City of World Music."
The exhibition area incorporates a comprehensive array of technologies such as AR, VR holographic imaging, and the metaverse.
It features curved background screens, highly dynamic robot demonstrations, electronic postcards, and cultural and creative "check-in spots," creating an immersive, experiential, and interactive thematic area that focuses on showcasing the new trend of year-round tourism.

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