• Market Price


    In 2011, the total consumer price index was 105.6. The commodity price index of eight kinds of goods showed a tendency noted as “six kinds of increases and two kinds of decreases”.

  • Resident Consumption


    With the improvement of living conditions, the consumption expenditure of urban and rural residents has been on the increase.

  • Resident Income


    The income of urban and rural residents increased significantly last year. In 2011, urban per capita disposable income topped 20,000 yuan ($3,225) to 20,031 yuan, an increase of 14.1 percent.

  • Financial Instruments


    In 2011, Harbin's deposits in financial institutions totaled 655.19 billion yuan, 9.5 percent more than the beginning of the year. The loan balance reached 487.33 billion yuan ($78.5 billion), up 18.8 percent compared with the beginning of 2011.

  • Tourism


    In Harbin, there are 54 A-level tourism areas and scenic spots, 12 S-level ski resorts, 91 star-rated hotels and 288 travel agencies.

  • ForeignTrade and Investment


    Harbin's foreign trade has expanded to 165 countries and regions around the world. In 2011, its import and export value reached $5.12 billion, an increase of 16.6 percent.

  • Domestic Trade


    With the development of the nation’s economy and the rise of citizen income, Harbin urban markets are thriving and stable. The total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 207.04 billion yuan ($33.4 billion).

  • Investment in Fixed Assets


    Pinpointed as a key year to help implement key investment projects, 2011 saw Harbin complete projects worth 301.2 billion yuan in fixed assets investment, an increase of 32.1 percent year-on-year.

The achievement of county beautification in Tonghe county

The Tonghe government spends one million yuan on cultural and sports activities every year to improve the living standard of Tonghe residents.