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  • The shared eco-paradise of Russia and China


    In the winter of 2012 on the Sino-Russian border, the Wusuli River was covered with thick ice when a female brown bear with two cubs strolled across the river and into China seeking food.This is just one of many media reports of wild animals crossing the

  • Flights to Seoul rescheduled


    Every Wednesday and Sunday from Aug 20 to Oct 22, flight CZ683/4 is rescheduled to take off from Harbin at 8:30 am and arrive in Seoul at 10:50 am. The return flight leaves Seoul at 6:50 pm and arrives in Harbin at 9:20 pm.

  • Exporters eyeing boost in Russian business


    Fruit and vegetable exporters in China expect to increase sales to Russia, which has banned such imports from the European Union and the United States in retaliation to Western economic sanctions imposed over the situation in Ukraine.

  • Gourd players in Harbin set a new Guinness record


    A square in the Daoli district of the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang province saw total of 1,141 gourd (ocarina) players challenging a Guinness World Record, on August 12, for the largest number of musicians in a single performance.

  • China-Russia ports deal helps speed commerce


    Fifteen trucks loaded with goods crossed the China-Russia border at Suifenhe-Pogranichnyy Port on Friday without having to undergo a second customs inspection after an agreement on customs procedures was officially launched between the two countries.

  • St Anthony Brass Quintet performs in Harbin


    The St Anthony Brass Quintet from Minnesota, USA, made a special show for the 32nd China Harbin Summer Music Festival at Harbin Music Hall, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, on Aug 9.

  • International Accordion Week opens in Harbin


    The opening concert of the 32nd Harbin China Summer Music Festival International Accordion Art Week, in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, on Aug7.

  • Sister city: Vitebsk, Belarus


    Vitebsk was established in 974 AD in northeast Belarus, as the capital of Vitebsk Oblast.

University in Harbin innovates with courses for the elderly

A new course teaching senior citizens Karaoke singing is proving to be a hit at the Songshan Campus of Harbin University for the Aged.