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  • Acheng district approves $724.1 million development


    The government of Acheng district recently signed an agreement with Beijing Shengbang Jiye Group to build a urban precinct that will provide elderly-nursing, international education, tourism and cultural services in its jurisdiction.

  • Harbin Customs seizes smuggled live ants from Australia


    Harbin Customs seized a package from Australia containing smuggled live ants on May 26, the first case of its type in northeastern Heilongjiang province, according to information released by the Heilongjiang authorities.

  • Crowning moment for massive Dubai coal yard build


    The main structure of the No 1 coal storage yard at the gigantic Dubai Hassyan 2,400 megawatt Clean Coal Power Plant was capped at 14:00 hrs local time on May 22, 10 days ahead of the schedule.

  • Building to start on Harbin-Shenzhen Industrial Park


    The governments of Harbin in Heilongjiang and Shenzhen in Guangdong signed an agreement on May 9 to establish the Harbin-Shenzhen Industrial Park in Harbin New New Zone.The industrial park will cover an area of 26 square kilometers, focusing on the develo

  • Biomass energy project to improve efficiency of straw in Heilongjiang


    A biomass energy project funded by the 703 scientific research center affiliated with the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation was agreed upon at an event in Harbin on May 10.

  • Harbin company provides cooling solution for 5G switches


    A high-performance graphene composite heat sink production line was recently established in Harbin. It is expected to provide a heat dissipation solution for electronic products that use 5G technology.

  • Nestlé cooperates with NEZU on dairy research


    The Nestlé Dairy Farming Institute (DFI) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU) in Harbin on April 30, Harbin Daily reported.

  • Trade ties boosted with new financial initiative


    Harbin New Area, a dynamic industrial center in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, is beefing up support for Sino-Russian cooperation by expanding financial services.