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  • Green food expo opens in Harbin


    Governors of Heilongjiang province unveiled a plaque for the Heilongjiang Green Food Trading Center at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Heilongjiang Organic Food Expo at the Harbin International Exhibition Center Stadium on Sept 26.

  • Harbin launches new strategies to reinforce education reform


    Harbin will implement several measures to reinforce education reform, drive the balanced development of education, guarantee education fairness, and optimize the allocation of education resources this year.

  • Harbin receives recognition as beautiful city for tourism


    The city of Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province, made the list of 2014 Most Beautiful Cities in China for tourism at the second Tourism Integration and Innovation Forum in Beijing, Harbin Daily reported on Sept 13.

  • Harbin to invest 30 billion yuan in livelihood improvement


    Harbin will mainly focus on further expanding investment in infrastructure construction this and next year.

  • Contracts reach $52.1 m in Harbin Agriculture Expo


    With contracts reaching 320 million yuan ($52.1 million), the four-day long 2014 Harbin World Agriculture Expo rounded off at Harbin International Exhibition Center Stadium, Heilongjiang province, on Sept 14.

  • Harbin's agri-products going global


    More Chinese cities as well as countries and regions overseas can enjoy green and organicfood produced in Harbin due to efforts by the city government to build a large modern foodstorage and distribution system.

  • Harbin using job rotation system for teachers and headmasters


    The city of Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province has decided to institute a job rotation system for headmasters and teachers in compulsory education classes and to raise teachers’ salaries through a merit system as ways of reforming its education, Har

  • Advanced Materials Industry Exhibition opens in Harbin


    The 3rd China International Advanced Materials Industry Exhibition (CIAMIE) opened in Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang province, on Sep 1.

  • 13th Heilongjiang Sports Meeting opens


    Amid the splendid dances and beautiful songs, athletes of 16 delegations from across Heilongjiang province embraced the opening ceremony for the 13th Heilongjiang Sports Meeting at Yichun, in the northeast of Heilongjiang province, on Aug 30.

  • NE China seeks harmony between human and nature


    In Heixiazi Island wetland reserve, a floating walkway passes through wavering reeds and budding lotus, with the blue sky and white clouds reflected on the water."We saw the beautiful scenery on TV, and decided to come here to experience it first han

  • Harbin Summer Music Festival kicks off in Harbin


    Splendid melodies filled the air of Harbin Engineering University as the 32nd China Harbin Summer Music Festival kicked off on Aug 6 in the capital city of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province.

  • Harbin train station finds a way to help foreigners


    Recently, in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang's province, a Russian tourist approached a train ticket booth and began to mime. Instead, he was shown a ticket-buying handbook for foreigners.

  • Harbin’s retail export to Russia exceeds $100m


    With the fully loaded cargo flight departing from Harbin Taiping International Airport for Russia’s Yekaterinburg for the 47th time, Harbin’s retail export value to Russia exceeded $100 million on July 25, ranking first in the national retail export field

  • Harbin to ban street barbecues


    The city of Harbin in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province will hand out harsh punishments to restaurants which violate operational rules.

  • Harbin’s industrial output hits $24.6b in 2014


    Harbin’s industrial output reached 152.51 billion yuan($24.6 billion), up 8.8 percent year-on-year and above Q1’s 3.3 percent growth in the first half of 2014, according to the Industry and Information Technology Commission of Harbin.

  • International Youth Animation & Comics Week kicks off


    Scholars and animation experts gathered for this year’s China International Youth Animation & Comics Week, which kicked off at the International Conference Exhibition and Sports Center of Harbin, capital city of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, on

  • Harbin welcomes easier taxi hailing


    Residents in Heilongjiang’s provincial capital Harbin can now call taxis on their mobile Apps, WeChat, telephone and website.

  • Heilongjiang starts commercial use of 4G


    Heilongjiang has formally begun to use 4G technologies after a half-year trial operation in 13 cities across the province in Northeast China on July 9.

  • Harbin e-commerce fuels cross-border trade surge


    Harbin is not only the capital of border province Heilongjiang - it is also at the frontier of an online sales boom between China and Russia.

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